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Why Choose McGee Hyundai

Our extended service contracts include Bumper-to-Bumper, Full Comprehensive, Powertrain, and vehicle product warranties for an  array of otherwise costly issues.  Our new and used vehicle coverage is reliable and affordable. We will customize a plan that fits your needs.

We have plans for almost every Make & Model.  Four Wheel drive, diesel, or luxury vehicle, we have a plan.  These plans will provide you repair coverage across the United States.

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You need not have purchased your vehicle from McGee Hyundai to purchase a service contract from us.  In fact customers have purchased service contracts from us on their new Hyundai vehicle and reported saving as much as 40% from the prices they were quoted.  Not only can we save you money on a new service contract, but we can also customize a plan for your used car, used truck or other used vehicle you may have.  It doesn't matter where you purchased it, we can help!  Best of all, McGee Hyundai is located in Vermont with a staff that is easy to reach when you have a concern.  Give us a call today (888)-928-1214 or fill in our on-line Quote Request, some one will get back to you with more information.


Extended Warranties Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an extended warranty and a service contract?

A service contract is a promise to perform, or pay for, certain repairs or services. A service contract is not a warranty. A warranty takes effect at the time of vehicle purchase and is included with the vehicle at no extra cost. A service contract does involve extra cost for extra levels of service - and extra peace of mind.

Does the service contract duplicate my warranty coverage?

No.  A Service Contract does not duplicate any manufacturer's warranty coverage. A service contract extends your coverage once your vehicle warranty expires. In addition, our plans include things that typical manufacturer's warranties do not cover, for example $1000 Trip Interruption Coverage is included with some of our plans, to cover the costs of a hotel if you are stranded while on vacation. 


What is the length of a service contract?

Our service contracts are offered with a wide variety of time and mileage terms.